This course is designed to give you 7 powerful keys that will restore love, harmony and passion in your marriage.  Marriage is an adventure, a journey of exploration – full of surprises and excitement. You can have the marriage you dreamed of. Perhaps you have had disappointments, hurts, betrayal or just a relationship that has slipped slowly into a state of mediocrity, complacency and lack of joy and peace. Every ingredient needed to bake a cake is important, leave one out and the cake will flop. Every part of a car engine is vital for it to operate efficiently. If one part breaks, the whole car comes to a standstill. They may seem obvious when you see them but don’t be tempted to leave even one out or you will miss the path to marriage bliss. Many marriages have broken down and ended in divorce by just leaving out one of these keys.

So what are these key ingredients that can change your life and marriage?

These keys are expounded in each of the presentations you will now see in this course. Each session comes with a beautiful, full colour manual that you can use to follow the sessions. At the end of every session there are discussion points and guides for personal reflection.

Thousands of marriages have been touched and transformed as we have shared these keys around the world. Now in our new latest update called IGNITE, we have expounded on these keys and principles to make them even more relevant and powerful for marriages.

Course Curriculum

Ignite Intro FREE 00:04:00
A search for the “treasure of intimacy” is one that takes you up to the mountaintops and through the valleys of life but well worth the journey. These 7 keys are pointers on your journey to the treasure. They are obvious when you get them but don’t be tempted to leave even one out or you will miss the path to marriage bliss. When you have all 7 in your heart, you will have the treasure of intimacy and hopefully you will discover “the giver” of the treasure. Enjoy the journey. May love, joy and peace be yours. Drummond & Lindah Robinson
Ignite Mercy 00:18:00
In 25 years of family counselling, we have found that the most destructive force in marriage is that of continual criticism and judgement. A harsh word, insensitive remark, an overlooked task causes us to criticize and blame one another. The blame causes shame and a cycle can be started in reaction to the pain. Pain-blame-shame, until the relationship is destroyed. This first key will stop that cycle and bring new life.
Ignite Atmosphere 00:24:00
Our favourite place to go for a time of rest and inspiration is a guest house tucked away in the mountains. On a cold winter’s night they build a large log fire and we sit on the cosy chairs sipping hot chocolate, caught up in the warm uplifting atmosphere created by the glow of the embers. In this session, we will discuss how important it is to have a warm inviting atmosphere in our homes.
Ignite Time 00:15:00
Have you ever said to yourself: “I wish I had more time?” Whatever your status in life, there is one thing we all have the same quantity of - and that is time. We often make the excuse that we don’t have enough time. It is not a case of having but making time for the people to whom we give our highest value and priority. Let us see how we can build our intimacy by spending more fun time together.
Ignite Communication 00:19:00
Communication opens a window to the soul and lets the sunshine of love stream in. Don’t close the shutters and live in darkness! Saying “I love you” can be expressed in a multitude of ways: A smile, a note, a flower, a touch... None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it.
Ignite Honour 00:12:00
Perhaps this is the most vital of all the secrets we share. Without honour, you have nothing to build upon. Respect for yourself and others is fundamental to ensure a fulfilled life. It is the door to love, joy, peace and in fact all our heart’s desires. Let us open this door together.
Ignite Energy 00:16:00
Energy is ignited by an enthusiasm and excitement for life. Vision fuels hope and hope founded on the promises of God, does not disappoint. It just takes a small spark to start a mighty flame.
Sexual Intimacy
Ignite Sexual Intimacy 00:27:00
“Intimacy is the heartbeat of married life. Without it we shrivel and die, with it we blossom and release the intoxicating fragrance of love that causes us to soar on the wings of delight”. Lindah Robinson.

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